A DIY microphone for the V1 and other cameras

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A DIY microphone for the V1 and other cameras

The Nikon ME-1 Stereo Microphone designed for the camera is very easy to make in a DIY version for anyone who has a tiny bit of electronic knowledge. The ME-1 is powered from the camera, which means all is needed are two electret microphone elements, a casing and a piece of cable with a 3.5 mm stereo plug, plus of course something to fix it to the camera if you want to do that as well. The microphone elements are very cheap and all you need is to solder the three contacts of the plug to the right terminal.

The case is the GND and the other is the signal.

The sound quality is much higher than the built in mike and the frequency response is actually better than the ME-1 for a price which is just a few dollar at most. I had some microphone elements in my drawer and I used a stereo cord also from my drawer.

For the actual mechanical construction there isn’t much to say. The casing is from a marker pen, so this is really a low budget version.

It is fixed to the camera using plastic covered wire which holds it in place well. At the microphone end there is a small plate and a Velcro holding the microphone casing on place, so I can easily remove it and use it in some other way as well, for example on a stand.

The foam around the mike is a bit oversized but that’s what I found on one of my other mikes, so that will do until I have the time to buy the right size next week.

Why did I do this? Well, because I can and because I think it is fun to do electronics in this DIY way and because I know there are other people also interested in this and this simple thing is really worth doing, takes a few minutes from the start to the end AND is working as well as the Nikon original.

In case someone is interested to build this, I wish you good luck. It may also work with other brand, not just Nikon, as long as the microphones are powered from the camera.

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