x10 sensor replacement statistics

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Re: x10 sensor replacement statistics

I had a very good experience from the Fujifilm service center - very professional, polite and quick. My camera was returned within a week in immaculate condition. Whether I'm pleased with the new sensor is another matter... I take lots of pictures of my children about the house, without flash. The old X10 sensor handled these pictures beautifuly. I did manage to capture a few orbs, but they were a quirky rarity for me. With the new sensor, images captured in low light just don't seem to have the same wow factor - they're noisier and less saturated. I don't have any real evidence to back this up, but with the old sensor I was usually impressed at how well the camera performed. Now, I'm not. My advice to X10 owners would be this: If you're happy with your X10 and you're seeing either very little or no orbing, DO NOTHING! Don't panic. Keep hold of your camera and see how the story unfolds.

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