D800 service center check for the focusing points

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Re: D800 service center check for the focusing points

D800 wrote:

Yeah, take you 300+mm lens out there and shoot a motocycle racer coming at you at wide open aperture and with AF-S single middle focus point.

I would never find the need to do this, I would probably use center point AF-C. Why would I use AF-S on a moving subject?

You used 1 middle focus point all your life and somehow in your head, you think you know the camera more than anyone else here that use the Nikon AF to the fullest and as it is designed. Keep using what you feel best for you, don't try to bash people that use multi focus points to shoot action.

Where did I say that I know more than anyone else here, and where did I "bash" anyone? You must be awfully insecure as a person if you take a differing opinion so personally and project your own shortcomings onto my words. I never said any such thing as you claim, and I would propose that you grow up and learn how to have an adult conversation without accusing those who don't agree with you of bashing you. Wow.

My point was simply that you can take perfectly acceptable, in fact great, photos using the center AF points. I was simply pointing out, as a separate issue from people's hardware problems, that a photographer's technique is more important than the technical features of the camera he or she is using. A bad or lazy photographer would quickly disagree because they lack skill to compensate for their camera's deficiencies.

D800, I would love to see that photo you took of the motorcycle racer coming towards you. Please share.

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