LLoyd Chambers on 5D MKIII

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Re: LLoyd Chambers on 5D MKIII

Excuse me? I had the 5D and currently the 5D2. I think I know something about the line. The 5D3 is nothing more than a revision. One that contains improvements that absolutely should have been on the 5D2 in the first place. The very fact that these improvements came without a MP increase only proves that. Canon loves to cripple it's cameras. Hell, Canon just "magically" updated the 7D's frame rate. I guess their marketing people decided enough was enough for that line and new people were not going to buy into another "buy another camera" ploy to get this or that. The 5D3 is nothing more than a 5Dn. Pure and simple. Perhaps it needs repeating because of that space in between your ears is empty and requires repeated exposure to the truth more.

expro wrote:

yup the same people had ended repeated this over and over and over...

but of course obviously none of them even have the camera...

so their opinion is totally invalid to a 5d3 user...

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