Sell 100-400 L IS and replace with 400L f5.6?

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Sell 100-400 L IS and replace with 400L f5.6?

I own a 100-400L IS lens amongst others, including a 70-200L IS f4 lens. I also own a Canon 1.4x Mk3 extender (and a Kenko 2x extender).

I use the 100-400 lens often, and usually with my 40D, although also on 5Dii sometimes. I find I typically use it at 400mm, although not exclusively so. Perhaps 15-20% of shots are at less than 400mm. The lens is excellent and very sharp, and I am happy with it.

99% of my shots use no extender, mostly because of image degradation, loss of auto focus and inability to hand hold.

I find the IS useful as I often hand hold. With this 100-400 lens I shoot birds, larger animals and sometimes the moon.

I very rarely use the excellent 70-200 lens because I find I either want the longer reach of the 100-400, or am happy with my 24-104L, or 135L.

I am considering selling the 100-400 and replacing it with a 400L f5.6 as I believe it will be (very slightly) sharper, but also that it is a true 400mm. I have read that the 100-400 is actually not quite 400mm?

I would then use the 70-200 more, and sometimes with 1.4x extender for when I need the longer zoom (resulting in a very useful 98-280mm IS f5.6 lens).

Also, of critical importance, is the minimum focus distance at 400mm of the 100-400L and 400L f5.6 the same? The zoom lens is very usable at very close range, and I like that for small birds.

I am very undecided as I don't want to regret selling the 100-400, or wasting money on a 400 f5.6. I thought I would therefore ask for opinions here please

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