Fix for D800 focussing issues

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Re: Fix for D800 focussing issues

DSinghD700 wrote:

1) What would the forum recommend? I cancel my D800 order with Amazon, to be delivered "soon" and wait for a fixed (SW+HW updated/tuned) version and reorder? I am not sure Nikon would fix the issue currently ordered D800s.

2) Would I be able to test the D800 AF issue with a 50mm 1.4D AF Nikkor?

Re #1:

I don't currently have one on order, but am considering the D800 as a option. I can tell you I am holding off for further news, and in your shoes I would cancel the order.

I will be waiting for either an official announcement (I don't think that is likely, but it is possible), or else a very clear history in the forums of reports of Nikon service centres worldwide being able to fix the problem for people.

Re #2:

From what I've read 50mm is should have a wider angle lens to test this.


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