G1X does ISO12800

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G1X does ISO12800


I had a discussion with guys from the Sony forum
about how well their RX100 camera performs at ISO6400.
They also mentioned to me, that brand new Sony product
has ISO range all the way to ISO25600.

Hmm, G1X has only ISO12800 max.

So I decided to try both products head to head,
to see if the IQ difference will be clearly visible with a naked eye.


I downloaded a full-res shots from the highly acclaimed Sony promo review
made by Korean guys.

Then downsampled images to the bare minimum of 800x1200
in order to minimize noise artefacts,
and saved them in CS6 using Quality12.

Here it is, scooter Vespa shot made with RX100 ISO6400.

Does it look good?

Watercolors, noise bleeding and artefacting.

IR said : "ISO 6,400 images are a bit soft for 11 x 14-inch prints, but look pretty good at 8 x 10."


11x14??? What did they smoke before writing it?
It is not printable even at 4x6!!!


To make it more interesting,
I decided to do shots of the very same subject
with my G1X in 2-3 times darker conditions
in order to disadvantage G1X camera.

They are all done 2 days ago and here are the results:

ISO 5000 & 2.7 times darker conditions

ISO 10000 & 1.3 times darker conditions

ISO 12800 & 2 times darker conditions

ISO6400 & 2 times darker conditions

I believe these shots will be perfectly suitable for good 5X7 and 8x10 prints.
Composition and artistic value may not to be found in these shots I made,
but the quality difference to RX100 is clearly visible.

And, btw. my Vespa shots are JPEGs straight from camera, not processed RAWs.
Imagine what is possible with this gem, G1X,
if I would shot them in RAW and cooked them properly!!!


However it was expected,
because G1X did fairly well in DPReview tests

compared to high end NEX7 camera from Sony that costs 3 times more with the lens.

G1X is inbetween 5D Mark4 and NEX7.
DPReview might not be very precise in their testing,
but low light studio results reflect reality fairly well.

Canon EOS 5D Sony Alpha NEX-7 Sony RX100
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