GXR Newcomer (A16)

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Re: GXR Newcomer (A16)

Thanks for posting the sample photos. I am curious about the GXR A16 because I'm looking for a camera for a friend who asked me to recommend him something.

I myself have an APS-C camera, the Samsung NX200, but I also have a Ricoh CX1.

So I know a bit about Ricoh.

Although I personally think the CX compact series gives uber soft images.....the GXR A16 is a whole new level.

It gives really sharp images, even surpassing my NX200 if comparing JPG output alone, not RAW...because the NX200 has very good RAW quality but really poor JPG engine.

I think the Ricoh made lenses are good too. And the sensor does not have any AA filter, which shows why....

So far, the only full review is on Photography blog, and those sample JPGs look really good at full resolution, like yours.

Congrats for getting a good camera.

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