Hi, i need advice to change my 450D :-)

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Hi, i need advice to change my 450D :-)

Hello Every body.
First let me introduce myself, i am 39 years old and live in France.

I use to browse this site since 2002 and have always bought a digital camera based on DPR recommandations. I had a sony P52, canon powershot A70, canon powershot S80 and own a 450D (bought in July 2009) together with 18-55 from kit, 50mm 1.8II 70-200 F4 L IS and 430 EXII. I am glad today to write my first post in this forum Forgive me for my english because French is my mother language.

I use to shoot in RAW format. and AV or M position trying to learn by have the most control over the camera.

Here is my concern. My brother gets married in Augusts (things happen sometimes ) and i will be the official photographer. I want to take this opportunity to change my 3 years old 450D which has 28 000 shutter count. I am very happy with it but i need to climb a step. What i expect mostly (what lacks on my 450D)

1- Higher ISO performance.

2- Most important: Custom program to change parameters quickly. (And most parameters indepedant between two settings) I often change drive mode, iso speed, and AF selection and it takes to long time to do so on my 450D
3-Shutter is too noisy.
4-Dynamic range is not good enough.
5-White balance not accurate enough (often doing post processing)

Can you tell me in quality what ISO on a 60D equals my 450D at 800ISO ?

What would you recommend going to 60D or 650D (my first DSLR was my father's EOS 650) or waiting for the next generation (70D) ?

Another advantage of getting a new DSLR is that i can use both .

Thank you for your wise advices.
Kind regards,

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