Color calibration problems with Spyder 4

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Re: Color calibration problems with Spyder 4

bronxbombers wrote:

It sounds to me like you need to read up on color-management and are doing many things wrong and thinking about many things in the wrong way.

The color profiles made by spyder have two parts, one part is a calibration table to load into the graphics card LUT, this sets the tone response curve and the white balance, most programs use this because they don't have to do anything the gfx card automatically applies the LUT to every pixel going through it. The second part measures the screen's specs and tells programs where the display's primary locations are and what the WB has been set to some of them contain some translation LUTs and try to fix up saturations and colors shifts to a certain extent since many monitors are not setup well. You need a program that understands color management and knows to apply all these translation to whatever it sends out to teh graphics card.

You should set photoshop and acr working space probably to ProphotoRGB in 16bit mode, if not that, then sRGB 16bit mode. Photoshop automatically uses the monitor profile that you registered under windows. YOu don;t set photoshop working space to the monitor profile.

well said bronxbombers... surprised that it hadn't even been mentioned although thats the issue with color management many don't fully understand it and mostly thru no fault of their own. it is confusing to learn.

That said most of the videos at datacolor are pretty darn good to learn from as the yahoo group is an excellent source of info.

either way good luck to the original OP you'll get it and once learned always used.

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