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jim stirling wrote:

Lights wrote:

So it seems if a person makes a post in another forum, extolling the benefit (which there are) of M43 (OMD) it gets deleted, but if someone comes here and talks of the advantages (which there are) of full frame it gets left alone and not delelted. Hmmmm. Yes I read it and took it in good humor...

The problem here is that no matter how good humoured or informative the post, if it does not sing the praises of mFT, it will be very quickly inundated with a barrage of abusive posts from a select group of would be forum police. Look what happens anytime the devils word “equivalence “gets mentioned and equivalence is a simple straightforward fact no more controversial than DOF. I could almost guarantee the result of anyone posting a “good humoured” thread extoling the advantages of FF while denigrating mFT here and it would not be pretty.

I think you might be right...but it does make DPR look hypocritical. I really don't think they ought to pull either (since every format has it's advantages and disadvantages)...DPR doesn't like controversy much though. Sometimes in my own opinion, learning can come from it (controversy).
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