Any 15.4 MBP Retina and Adobe Photoshop impressions?

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Re: Any 15.4 MBP Retina and Adobe Photoshop impressions?

I have been using LR4 on my new Retina MBP. I have also played around with Aperture which is updated to best make use of the Retina's resolution. With Aperture the photo shows up at full 2880x1800 resolution no matter what resolution you select in the system settings. The menus and adjustment bricks are kept at the selected resolution. Zooming to 100% looks a lot less zoomed in than in LR at the same system resolution because LR's image is being scaled to whatever resolution you have selected for the whole system.

I have installed the program that allows one to run at a pure 2880x1800 which for most things is unusable as menus and text are too small. However, I can work in LR okay at this setting. The adjustment panel is small but then the image is using the full 2880x1800 and looks the same size as in Aperture when zoomed to 1:1 view.

Hopefully, Adobe will update LR and CS6 soon so that the menus will stay larger but still use the full resolution for pixel peeping. With my 5D3 files, 100% view is showing about 1/4 of the image so can quickly scroll around to see the full image at 1:1.

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