My OMD EM5 experience at Ritz/Wolf Camera in Chicago

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Re: Hate when that happens...

Haha, I live in a condo overlooking the Helix store. I haven't heard the West Loop called a warehouse district in a long time. I do struggle with buying stuff there because their Olympus selection is always three years behind and some of their sales people can be pretentious and snotty to hobbyists.

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Sure, I've wandered into shops like that. Chicago is a major market, which makes it hard to understand why any store would provide such shabby service. It's bound to get killed by the competition.

By contrast, in relatively small-town Portland, Oregon, there are 3 decent, centrally-located camera stores. In fact, bought the EM-5 at one of them last week. Visited the other 2 stores as well looking for spare batteries (what? they make spare batteries? no one has seen them yet...).

At least, the staff at all the shops knew about the EM-5, though it's still as rare as hen's teeth, but in high demand. The shops were also busy, I wasn't the only customer even in the mid-afternoon on a workday.

BTW, one of the stores is a Ritz-owned operation, but nonetheless seems different than described above.


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Surprisingly, for such a big city, the photography store choices are pretty slim. You have Calumet, which really caters to working pro's in both still and video, and I think rentals more. Then you have Helix, which is nice, but one reason I will never buy a body there is they have a no return policy. You walk out the door and that's it. It's kind of hard to take that stance in today's camera market, when every other place allows it. Not a great start off with the customer. Otherwise, a pretty extensive place. Both of the city locations of these stores are not really set up as an easy to get to and comfortable retail operation for the average consumer to feel comfortable buying a camera in. They both kind of sit in warehouse districts. And that's it.

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