Pentax DA 12-24mm ED AL (IF) Large file

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Re: Pentax DA 12-24mm ED AL (IF) Large file

mike703 wrote:

Looks like you got yourself a bargain: the Pentax 12-24 is a good and popular lens. It costs about £800 new in the UK (ouch). There is no reason that the performance of a lens should degrade with time unless someone drops it.

Have a look at this:

As you will see the lens is very sharp and has a useful field of view. The perspective distortion you noticed when pointing the camera up at a tree is normal - any wide-angle lens will do it. Photoshop elements allows you to correct for it.

The chromatic aberration (purple fringing) that you noticed in your second shot is a known feature of the lens: all lenses do it, some more than others, and it is difficult to correct for in extreme wide angle lenses. The situation in your picture (shooting a silhouette directly against the sun with the lens at its widest focal length and widest aperture) is a real torture test - that set of conditions is precisely what will make CA appear at its worst. In real life shooting conditions you could reduce it by using a smaller aperture like f/8 (and how often do you shoot directly into the sun?). It is easily correctible with a lot of the better post-processing programmes that detect the blue/purple edges and desaturate the colour so it is less obvious. My 16-45 lens is popularly supposed to have a CA problem (i.e. you can make it appear if you try really hard) but in real-world shooting is it hardly ever an issue.

I would pay $600 for one of those lenses in good working order in an instant...

Best wishes

Thanks Mike, feel a lot more at ease now. Desperately needed to defend my purchase with the missus...what's new

Bought the lense from a shop in Johannesburg ZA. Quite a friendly and knowledgeable bunch of guys.

For what it is worth, see link (it is no advertisement!) Remember, the 12-24mm is no more!

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