LX5 - Sweet Thames Flow Softly

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Thanks for the information; I just thought your pictures had a certain pop to them that mine often lack, but that could just be the photographer.

I have had my LX-5 from late 2010 and it replaced an LX-2 I purchased in 2007. Over the year I have had many cameras of all sizes and makes up to medium format, but with the passing years I agree more and more with the old adage the best camera is the one in your hand. I carry my LX-5 everywhere with me; it fits in a small camera case which can clip to my belt or go in my jacket pocket. I tend to like wide angles so the 24 mm (equivalent) of the LX-5 is great of course I would like more at the zoom end and a bigger sensor but I don’t want to lose my 24mm or end up with a bigger camera. I did have the viewfinder but it just added a bit too much bulk to the camera so I never really used it.

For my settings I started with the Nature File mode, reduced sharpening by 1, noise reduction by 2 and increased saturation by 1 with Auto ISO limited to 800. I usually shoot program mode with Fine Jpeg and Raw, though I have to admit I hardly ever look at the Raw. I rarely use the flash but it is nice to have. For post processing I use Elements 7, but usually that is just involves straighten and cropping the picture. Whenever I shoot a picture I think I have everything level but viewing it on the screen most of my pictures tilt to the right.

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