5D3 and 1DX are useless to me. What to do?

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Re: 5D3 and 1DX are useless to me. What to do?

The 5DIII is a great camera, because of much improved focusing capability, it becomes much more useful for me in stduio. The still image is a bit better than the 5DII, not a huge improvement, but overall with the other capabilities, a worthy camera to have. I will get my 1DX next week so I can see how would it compare to my 1DsIII which I plan to sell after I got the 1DX.

The AF point illumination can be turned on - got to the 5th tab of the AF menu, you can turn on the VF display illumination so it display a bright red AF point.

I think there are professional around the world using the 5DIII with great results, it is a matter of getting familiar of your tool, control it, make it do jobs you want.

cyrano wrote:

I just tried using a 5D3, and am very depressed. The new LCD-based display of autofocus points in the 5D3 and 1DX (which makes them black, not red) is awful for my intended use, shooting dance.

In many dance productions I've shot, the entire scene is dark: the dancers' costumes, the stage, the backdrop, and the house. In such conditions, these small black AF spots will be completely invisible.

Using automatic AF point selection is not an option, given the DOF for my shooting conditions, and the need to focus on a specific dancer among many nearby.

My 1D4 has served me well, but it won't last forever; given the use it has seen, it may well be approaching wearout. I was also looking forward to improved AF performance in low-light, low-contrast situations that the 1DX might provide.

Now I realize the 1DX I have on order is crippled, if not useless, for much of my most important work -- and new 1D4s are not to be found, as the model is discontinued.

I'm at a loss on how to plan for the next production season. Canon has no body which is suitable for my work.

What would you do?

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