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Re: NEX-7 RAW Conversion

I am using Capture One Pro, as with many of my other cameras so i can control all the colors with consistency.
Both image from NEX-7 shot in studio 2 days ago


VinceC wrote:

The Sony RAW converter, V, does not seem to work well on my i5 Windows 7 computer. It is extremely slow, hangs when converting and does not make the corrections (eg WB etc) to the files it does convert.

I have Photoshop CS5 with the latest ACR update available. This seems to work well. But I notice two thing:

There are no camera settings - only Adobbe Standard.

There is a lens setting for my E 18-55 lens, but none for the E 55-210mm.

Does anyone have any suggestions:

About making the Sony software work?
The missing lens proifile.
A NEX-7 camera profile.

Does anyone have any experience using a ColorChecker with the NEX-7 - is it worth getting hold of one?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards
Vince C

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