Upgrading D200 to D300? Or better glass?

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Re: Upgrading D200 to D300? Or better glass?

The lens is often underrated as a contributor to image quality. If you want to know what the D200 is capable of just take a look at the late Ronnie Gaubert galleries ( http://www.pbase.com/ronnie_14187/the_nature_of_louisiana_2007 ). Of course his pictures were also the result of tremendous talent, mastery of technique (many shots at quite low speeds -> tripod or other support mandatory!), and...patience! Ronnie left us 1 years ago but he is still a (the) reference in (Louisiana) nature photography.

Regarding IQ, I would say that the D200 has the edge (very slightly) at the base ISO (that means 100ISO on D200 compared to 200ISO on D300), but at the same ISO (from 200 up), the D300 is beter than D200. It does not show in DXOmark noise comparison ( http://www.dxomark.com/index.php/Cameras/Compare-Camera-Sensors#toggleBookmarks ), but this one is at 18% grey (which is quite light) and in darker values the 1stop better dynamic range of the D300 shows. However, if you do not shoot a lot above 400iso, there is little to gain from D300 (on image quality).

But the D300 also brings sensor cleaning by vibration, better AF, better rear lcd (with liveview), better battery life... and only you can decide if those are important to you.


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