Anyone using the Sigma 30 mm 2.8?

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Re: Anyone using the Sigma 30 mm 2.8?

bryanbrun wrote:

I prefer the Sigma 30mm over my legacy 50s now for shooting fast moving kids.

The Sigma 30mm focuses very fast. Much faster than the kit lenses. Af is silent. The Panny 20mm AF is so noisy that it is useless for video.

The Sigma 30mm allows for a decent amount of background blur with portraits. Bokeh is better than the Panny 20mm. You also don't get the facial distortions you see when using the Panny 20mm for portraits.

The Sigma 30mm is sharper than the kit lens, and nearly as sharp as the Panny 20mm.

Hi Bryanbrun,

I am also considering to buy a mft lens for shooting kids. I too was thinking of buying 20mm so that it could be used for both portraits and wideangle shots. But most of the guys from this forum told that 20mm is not for portraits.

Now if this 30mm is that good I may go for this. The price is also tempting. Is it producing nice background blur for portraits ?

My main concern is background blurring like Oly 85mm. Even if it is not as capable as the 85mm , is it producing decent background blur ?

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