Which one for my 5N? Canon FDn 35mm f2 or Vivitar-Komine 35mm f1.9?

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Re: F/8 Alpha kit zoom, 40mm, vs. Canon nFD 50mm/1.4

I have tested with my 5n - Nikkor 35/2 AI-s, Canon FD Chrome-nose, concave 35/2, Pen F 38mm, Pentax SMC 35mm f/3.5, Canon LTM 35mm f/2(black) and new Sigma 30mm f/2.8.

The old, radioactive Canon FD 35/2 had the best sharpness and contrast of them all. I mean a noticeable difference, especially the contrast. The Sigma was a VERY close second. It's quite sharp wide open. The Nikkor was not far behind. I was surprised the Pentax and Pen F lenses fell far behind at wide apertures but sharpened up when closed down several stops.

When using a heavy MF prime there are really no handling problems since you basically handle the rig by the lens. It's just not as compact and light as some of the smaller lenses.

I've settled on the Sigma. It is the best of all worlds-sharp from wide open, compact and light. It auto focuses fast and silent.

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