The EVF is old technology.

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Re: Not just in the frame

Please correct me if i am wrong

That's true.

an SLR camera has a mirror blocking the sensor to send the light to the OVF.

to take an image the mirror moves out of the way to allow light to hit the sensor.

What I'm talking about is the time between exposures. When the mirror drops back down, you see exactly where your subject is. With current EVF cameras, a previous frame is displayed between shots, so you have to wait for the next frame to see if anything changed.

That's the slideshow effect - the EVF won't update between frames, and every frame you see is some time behind reality.

If the mirror is not reflecting light to the OVF, what are you seeing??

sounds like slideshow effect to me

All SLR and SLT cameras have a slideshow effect when in continuous drive mode - this is a totally useless point to argue

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