rolling light stand for wedding event

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Re: rolling light stand for wedding event

For formal portraits....

Do you have any info on the size of the formal portrait groups, or how you'll arrange them? Do you have an idea what distance back from the group you'll be, and what lens and fStop you'll use to get the necessary DOF for the group arrangement you choose?

Do you know the beam spread of your light modifier of choice (Beauty Dish), and how much distance you'll need between that lightstand and the group to insure good coverage to the edges, as well as insuring the light falloff front to back isn't too severe?

Why are you proposing a beauty dish for formal groups anyway?

Yes, you can get Cheeta stands or casters/rollers to modify the lightstand you have, however, I suspect there are bigger issues for you to consider.

FWIW - I do bring a lightstand for the group formals, and several speedlights. I have a DIY low cost custom method of attaching speedlights to the stand so I can use them directly or with an umbrella. Manual power settings, pre-measured distance and lightmeter readings let me setup, shoot, and move on fast.

I switch to the umbrella bracket/speedlight on a monopod for the reception; sometimes direct or bounce or umbrella. An assistant is essential.

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