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Re: And the "Cloud" goes down.....

Petruska wrote:

If the apps are not on my main computer, and my back up computer there is no way I would feel comfortable.

My understanding is that you still download the apps onto your computer, but they need to check in with cloud every so often. Out in the field, I imagine it'd be possible to do this with a wireless hotspot -- providing you get a signal and as you suggested theISP provider is up.

The Apps "Cloud" is just a way to get people to pay a monthly charge of $10-20 per month per app, just like your TV, cell, and ISP. How many apps you running? Times monthly charge = $$$$$$$.

A subscription based system has both it's pro's and con's. Adobe is attempting to feather the transition and appeal to a large base of diverse users who might want to rent their design and development apps for just a few months a year, rather than be forced to buy extra licenses during peak per periods. It's certainly a win for their enterprise customers.

From Adobe's perspective, they're not in a chaotic rush to modify every app to meet an 18 month development cycle, the revenue stream is much more consistent, piracy is virtually eliminated, just one version of a program needs to be maintained -- theoretically freeing resources to speed up response times between OS dot upgrades.

For the consumer, the cost of a license is amortized as needed over time, and currently at a lower rate than for a full suite upgrade every 18 months. Consumers get full access to products as they immediately become available -- rather than having to wait for the completion of the next development cycle, and our license is portable across computers.

Personally, I share your discomfort. This revenue model has NOT been the subject of best practices. Cable TV being one example. It's hard to trust a company that welcomes you with teaser rates, hooks you with their tools, interface, and workflow -- then raise their licensing rates at will. Furthermore, it puts us at the mercy of a chain of service providers, any one which can cause the operation of our projects to fail.

Adobe has a mixed track record when it comes to transparency, and fair pricing. Work done in ACR, Lightroom, or any of their proprietary packages is not portable with competitive products, and thus there is no real competition or incentives to control pricing or drive new features. Archived PSD's and DNG's may also require an Adobe licensed product to open or display correctly, and some features found in older versions -- like opening .PCD files from Kodak -- may be discontinued at any time.

I believe Adobe is banking on a younger generation of new users who can't afford their work tools in one shot, or to buy new licenses for seasonal surges and cycles -- to vote with their pocketbooks. Even at the risk of alienating long time users, Adobe's future lies with a youth that's already been conditioned to buy intangible, and frivelous licensing rights on demand. JMO.

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