D800, In Camera Double Exposure Turns Red.

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Luke Kaven Veteran Member • Posts: 5,705
Re: D800, In Camera Double Exposure Turns Red.

Douglas Mu McGregor wrote:

Hi, I shoot a lot of double & triple exposures in camera on my new D800. I was shocked that they all came out with a pinky red hue. I shoot in raw and never had this problem with my D700. Can someone who knows give me a clue to whats going on? Thanks

Possibly it is an accumulation of thermal noise, which lends a kind of bluish-magenta cast. It depends upon what kind of exposure and gain settings you are using. Long exposures need LENR critically. High gain (ISO6400 and up) exposure will show some thermal noise unless one does a dark frame subtraction by hand. Lastly, the use of live view will heat up the sensor significantly.

Can you give us any more information on the exposure/gain parameters, or a sample?

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