New Sensor Owners-Was it Worth it?

Started Jun 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
patchotoole Regular Member • Posts: 485
Re: New Sensor Owners-Was it Worth it?

Thank you for calling me dishonest.

Well I think it's important to put your comments into some kind of context. Take it whatever way you wish.

Before the new sensor was available I guessed and posted that compromises had to be made in order to solve the orbs problem, compromises that might hamper IQ. So what I posted had everything to do with the points raised, which are all about IQ. Then it was guessing, or what I thought it was logical and expected, now it seems proven, that's all the difference.

I haven't seen anything yet that proves or disproves any of your guesses. There have been poor examples posted, and good examples posted, but mostly good I would say. And I really hope it solves the problem and that that is the end of it.

But feel free to continue guessing.

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