D800 Family Portraits - Outdoor w/speedlights

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Re: Stephen,

Stephen Sproull wrote:

That said, what is one (or two) things that you would do to improve image #1 (since that is the most mentioned)? Kill rim light, close down aperture, use available light only, PP, jump off a cliff, etc?

Thanks for being such a good sport about it and I didn't mean to make a test case out of your shot, but it is particularly interesting how it works for some but not for a all. The answer to your question is simple. Like I said before, just choose two of those effects and go with just that. The good thing is that you are able to execute all of those techniches very well. Dialing it back a little is all you got to do IMO.

I would also stay away from under exposing shadowed backgrounds too much. For me it doesn't work as well as sunlit backgrounds, where you can underexposed quite a bit and enrich the look. Shadowed backgrounds darkens the mood too much, but again if that's what your trying to achieve then that's an exception.

Keep up the good work!

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