8 overdue camera improvements

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Re: 8 overdue camera improvements

I'm usually not a fan of these "what I really want" threads. They often seem to be more about griping than anything, and frequently they just re-hash a lot of the same old grumpy stuff. However, you have a few interesting ideas here. I don't agree with all of them, but interesting thinking...

justyntime wrote:

1.) 5-digit file numbers.


2.) Standalone/assignable bracketing button

I see your point, though I do my bracketing in manual mode, so not biggie for me.

3.) Second tripod mount.

Interesting thinking, but one of those things that would be useful to so few that it probably doesn't make sense. Of course, if it were really interesting to a lot of folks, it seems to me that there might be a market for some sort of bracket that attaches to the single mount and provides additional mounting points, much in the manner of L brackets.

4.) MLU and self timer combined.

+1 (Though I use live view these days)

5.) Mounting-holes on flashes.

Interesting though.

6.) AF assist pattern without the need of flashing.


7.) Lens caps of course!

+1 I wouldn't mind it at all if Canon would just suck it up and do something comparable to what Nikon does.

8.) Remote flash cable.

Probably another one of those design trade-off issues. (If you summed up all of your additional attachment points in this list... you'll see what I mean.)

+1 for your creative thinking.


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