D800 service center check for the focusing points

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Re: D800 service center check for the focusing points

That's why I would like to have a feature of programming the AF-ON button as a toggle button like the AE-L button. Then I do not need either to half press the shutter button (and may miss fire) or to press the AF-ON button all the time (and may accidentally release it).

Just focus, press the AF-ON button once to lock the focus without the need to keep on pressing it, recompose and press the shutter button all the way to take a photo. This would be wonderful, especially if I use timer or wireless remote to take photo with myself in it.

At the moment I have to focus, set the focus to manual mode (M) to lock the focus. Then sometimes, in a hurry, I forget to set the focus mode back to auto.

I think that this feature can be introduced in firmware. Just hope that Nikon would include this AF-ON toggle mode in its next firmware release.

meng235 wrote:

Understanding Camera Autofocus 's link ( http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/camera-autofocus.htm ) is supporting your comment, specially the statement.... (Further, since the central AF sensor is almost always the most accurate, for off-center subjects it is often best to first use this sensor to achieve a focus lock (before recomposing the frame) .... but, what is the allowable tolerance here .. i.e, what is the limit beyond which we can say that there are a focusing issue @ the off center focusing sensors ? .. Thanks

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