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Re: Too generous award for an "anti-camera"

'Too much technicality spoils the picture'.

Ever since digital cameras are on the market, there are problems with firmware-versions, buttons that don't behave as they should do, AF-problems, menus, all kinds of weird interlock issues and dysfunctions where only a programmer can think of unto of course, real bugs. unfortunately the X-Pro1 is not exception, contrary to its 70's design, Fujifilm has put a lot of 'software layer' in it and maybe too much. But to my judgement, any other manufacturer you may mention, they all suffer now from this kind of sickness. Call it over-engineering, over-featuring.

Most people - even a lot of pro's - expect that a camera is some kind of picture-robot. But they don't understand that such a concept will never be perfect. Any camera that I owned since my old film-SLR's has had that kind of 'learn to live with the problems' feeling. At best you got used to the oddities of one brand. And there comes the X-Pro1 again in the picture, it is very different from a Nikon or Canon (and I neither like a lot that those two last ones are doing). Not necessarily worse, just different.

I had hoped this was a bit a pimped 'Leica', well it isn't. It holds the middle between a rangefinder and a DSLR. There are very good ideas in it, like the sensor, the EVF maybe even the ergonomics, but it also suffers from that 'software layer' that seems to be very complex and hard to get under control.

If there's one advise I'd like to give to Fujifilm, it is very simple: go for the 'less is more' approach, but do right what you need to do right. Strip out all the silly 'fat' you can f.i. find in the 'playback' mode and put a decent AF-algorithm in it. Suddenly you're selling one of the finest camera that was made in many years. For my score: 90%.

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