Cheaper manual wideangle alternative to Pana 20mm

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Re: Cheaper manual wideangle alternative to Pana 20mm

ericN2 wrote:

Yes - It seems so.. you can check this by clicking on the woird "Actions" just above each main pic..then from the drop-down cllick "View EXIF .." All those I looked at were with the 45mm. Lovely kid-style pics a lot of them are don't you think.. very typical to my mind of an =90mm lens...

I'm SERIOUSLY thinking on getting one of these myself..I don't really want to spend a big amount myself either on lenses that I'd like but most of which are far too expensive for me also.. but this 45mm just seems a gem. Not AS compact for general walk-about, most of which I do, but it does cover such a lot of is a fast f1.8 and so I understand - very fast focussing. and an incredible price just I think mostkly because it is NOT all-metal construction. Loked after as a lens should be..I'm not sure that matters a big lot.

Can you buy Oly lenses where you are - or do you have to buy from such as UK or where you feel you can get what you want...

If buying from such as UK I can at least suggest this firm..a WELL respected UK Dealer and they DO post overseas.. no idea of course what extra cost is involved but it would be fair...

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Staffordshire, UK

Hi Eric, I was looking at the photos taken with 45mm on They are just wonderful. The lens is just too good for the price. Still I have to wait for sometime and buy it here from India. The custom duty is very high for camera items bought abroad.

I was looking at the thread of Pana 25mm f1.4 on and there were many nice portrait shots with this. I thought may be this can be used for both portrait as well as walk around lens. But the price is way above my budget and the size of the lens is also bulky I think.

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