Cheaper manual wideangle alternative to Pana 20mm

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Re: Cheaper manual wideangle alternative to Pana 20mm

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It seems to me that you are in what is a kind of difficult situation in regard to choosing what lenses ... and either being able to get them.. or afford to buy them Oddly, maybe it could be said for me too in a different way. I love the close type that I mean anything between REALLY close (not Macro but as close as you can get.. and 'street type' .. by which I mean simply outdoors in town and either maybe 10 feet or so or similar to across the street.. but MOSTLY the closer shot rather than any long shot. Now this falls nicely into the comfort zone that you CAN use such as the 20mm for.. or as I really do like as a lens..the 14mm Pancake...I get great results from both. But I'm NOT shooting Portraits in any real way.. to do that and get very acceptable pics you simply have to shoot at something like 10 feet or so AND use such as a 45mm or so that will pull in the head/shoulders type at such as 8-10 feet and still be far enough away NOT to show any distortion of features which you WILL get without a doubt if you try to shoot such as 'head-and-shoulders' with either 20mm or worse, 14mm.. and do it at anthing less than such as 6 feet.. the lens just will not give a proper rendition of the face of a person with the wrong lens at the wrong distance.

From what yiou say I'm sure - partly ecause of the quality of it anyway, the Oly 45mm you'd find really good for taking close or closer shots of the kids.. either a nice steady head/shoulders Portrait (if you can get them to stay still enough to do it !!) at such as 6 feet or so.. or that 45mm should still give you very good use if used at a greater distance but getting more of a full body shot instead of such as a close head/shoulders type The 45mm (=90mm in use of course) will just pull in the kids from a greater distance and still give you a good composition..the =90mm is simply able to do that because it IS really a simple/closer sort of tele type lens... better toi pull in a bit better than a "normal" close-distance type lens such as the 20mm ..moreso the 14mm.

The Pancakes are EXCELLENT lenses.. not really so cheap..the 20mm moreso..(although why, I'm not sure, as the 14mm is far better in many ways really .. faster focus and quiter/smoother focus). As a general lens I don't think either can be beat - unless you pay a BIG lot more.. so such as the 45mm f1.8 - coupled if you can with such as the 20mm (for YOU it seems likely a better choice to the 14mm)..and I'm just sure you SHOULD get a big lot of very good shots of the kids in either close shots (when they are calm enough.. ) or general full length when maybe playing around and you shoot a little bit discreetly at such as 10-15 feet or so distance.

But of course...KIDS can be KIDS.. as we all know.. you get one good pic put of maybe 20 or so !!.. but with a good lens and the right bit of luck..that one will be woirth it.

With movement'll HAVE to use a fast-ish lens..and probably that will mean little depth of field. so be prepared fot a LOT of rotten shots out-of-focus.. rely on getting the ONE that makes up for it. then in good quiet have the quality of lens that WILL give you time to controil the shot and a far better pic from a quality lens.
Kids shots drive you mad... but the few that you CAN get , are then worth it.

Frankly that 50mm lens. good as it may be.. is surely not Autofcus type so I'd say it is really little use if your main shooting is going to be the kids.. NON-AF when shooting kids just does not make sense to me..simply not fast enough.. MANY proper M43 will not do it..certainly not even the 20mm truly as it is NOT a particularly fast focusser. I think you may have to keep that 50mm for a few occasions when it can be used better. If it means just ONE other.. then the Oly 45mm is surely the best choice - right sort of FL and very easy in price and the pocket...AND of course a big wide open aperture helps a great deal here.
If HE can do iot.. so can YOU !!
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Thanks Eric for a detailed explanation. Yes I am in the dilemma just because I cannot afford all these lenses I want at this time. But the 45mm will be the right choice for me at this time I think and later on add the 14mm/20mm for the close type shots. AF will be big advantage. because now I have to let go many shots for manual focussing.
Are all the portraits in the Andrew Karre photostream done with the 45mm?

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