Cheaper manual wideangle alternative to Pana 20mm

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Re: Cheaper manual wideangle alternative to Pana 20mm

You don't say what price you're talking about on that Nikon lens offer...AND together with the Adaptor that you'd need to use it.. but whatever.. if you want to do what you say.. get a good sprinkling of Portrait type shots AND probably use a lens generally...I doubt if you will really do better than the Olympus 45mm f1.8...near perfect for Portraits - as was established 50 or so years ago now...=90mm is right for that.. AND the f1.8 of course.. but the price is exceptionally good.. even here in UK where usually we pay a lot more that you guys have the benefit's a remarkably good price... it's mostly plastic build that's why.. but the lens regardless is great for the money..and for your use certainly you'll be hard pushed to get a better one.

Don't even THINK of the Pannie 20mm if you want to do such as Portraits. It's a cracker of a lens..I use that and the 14mm Pancake almost all the time..but that FL is no use at all for Portraits..not a bit of just get too much distortion of features with a 20mm M43.

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Thanks Eric. Actually when I take photos with FD 50mm of my kid, I sometimes wish to take the full body photos of her and then I have to step back. But now I realize that the meaning of Portrait is different.

Then should I go for the 20mm and keep the FD 50mm for portraits or should I go for the Oly 45mm. In the coming years main subject of my shooting will be my little daughter. In the long run I wish I had both the 20mm and 45mm. Can the 20mm be used for portrait if I am shooting closer ?
BTW I am from India and here Pana lenses are officially not available.

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