Thunderbolt Hard Drive

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Re: Thunderbolt Hard Drive

The best thing about Thunderbolt at this time regarding storage solutions is that you can use multiple external hardrives and have a wide bus to access them all without such bottle neck (i.e. download large data sets from the web to one drive while ripping photos to another drive, backup to another, etc. all simultaneously).

The true power of Thunderbolt (even with 7200 rpm HDDs) is when you have multiple dives that are stripped such as with RAID 0. This of course doesn't offer any redundancy but allows for very fast access speed. If you want to have speed with redundancy, then RAID 5 is an option but will require a minimum of 3 HDDs (or SSDs of course).

If you are simply getting one Thunderbolt drive to use as backup or a library for archiving, then you likely won't benefit from it as much as say an eSATA capable drive (barring that you have eSATA connectivity). This would be a more practical option since the speeds are typically very fast and the price per GB is significantly less since Thunderbolt is relatively new.

If money isn't an issue and it's readily available, get the latest SSDs and set up a mammouth Thunderbolt array!

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