First outing with my x-pro 1, Please critique my street set

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Re: First outing with my x-pro 1, Please critique my street set

I still feel a disconnect from my photos. I see a lot of great documentary work out there and it's not that I am trying to copy or emulate those styles but my shots seem so 'blah' compared to the shots that I look at.

I am having real problems 'telling a story' and would love to know how to portray that better. Especially when their is so little time to take these shots. I feel this set was 'better' but that is being very relative.

I have no fear when it comes to taking risky shots, no problems with the camera, but it is the framing, angle, location, and maybe even developing could be thrown in their if it is hurting my 'story'.

If I had to pick two, though, I would say I really liked how 16 turned out and maybe 67 but it kind of bores me.

PGR streetshooter wrote:

Kyle, what's your thoughts on the images? Forget that IQ crap, just the image and the experience of making it.

I checked out the link but would like to hear what you think before I post what I think.
Cheers, Don

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