"Glitzy" vs "Classic" Portrait Style, & Female Photographers--Question

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Re: "Glitzy" vs "Classic" Portrait Style, & Female Photograph

As a purely amateur photographer, I likely don't know as much about the state of the industry as a working professional, but I'll offer my opinion regardless, because this is an open forum, I'm bored and you might still see some use from it.

First of all, about "glitzy" vs "classic"... I'm sorry, but I don't see much difference between your photos and theirs. You're still showing more than you need and cropping things you shouldn't by a strict traditionalist theory, nor do I see in your photos the near-obsessive control over light I associate with a "classical" portrait. They're not bad, mind you, only a fair bit more "modern" than you think.

Secondly, with respect to female photographers, I think the reason there's more women in the field now is that there used to be so few in the past, any increase in their numbers seems huge, rather than there being more women than men in absolute terms. Nor I'd say they're necessarily more successful, either; I won't deny there might be some exceptions out there, but I think gender or even age don't play much role in matters of trust and empathy between subject and photographer. Mass paranoia does have some effect on street shooting, but portraiture is still so direct I don't think such prejudices affect much, if any.

Most of all, though, I get the feeling you're making your impressions on the whole of the industry based on the lowest end of the market; if you did the same with programming, for instance, you'd probably come to the conclusion that everything is about making Flash apps for the Web, but if you spend a bit of time looking you'd see that it's not that traditional apps are going the way of the dodo, only that it has matured as a market and thus you seldom find opportunities for a mere hobbyist to take the place of a proper professional.

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