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Bruce Hunter wrote:

I agree with the previous poster...... I believe 9 days is way too short to cover the itinerary you listed above. Almost half that time will be spent traveling from city to city..... tiring and frustrating, as well.

My suggestion would be: Rome ( minimum of 4 days ) , Florence ( only one hour from Rome by Eurostar )..... 2 days, and Venice ( 3 hours by Eurostar from Florence )....3 days ( and there's always Padua , 30 minutes from Venice by train ).

Also, a small pocketable back-up camera ( just in case ) .... In fact, traveling light is important enough for me, that pocket cameras are all I carry with me.

Even pocket camera low light shots straight from camera are very good ( though not DSLR quality) these days..... see example ( no post processing , except downsizing for web )

In any case, have a wonderful trip.

I noted that, too, but this is the way that most people see Europe: from the windows of a bus, If This Is Tuesday This Must Be Belgium, buy the package, you're done planning. Traveling independently takes work and time and a bit of familiarity. Doing it the first time can be daunting, even in such an orderly place as Europe. Unlike travel in the 3rd world, making a mistake in the 1st world is very expensive to recover from.

Sometimes it is useful to just skim across Europe to find out what one wants to focus on the next time. And, if you're like so many travelers, this will be your only time to visit, you will have at least seen the highlights that you've dreamed of. Meaningful cultural experiences, no; relaxation, no; but there will be time for that in retirement.

My first trip to Europe was a 6 week blitz from England to Scandinavia through Germany, the Alps, and the lowlands. My son's was a 10 day dash from Goteborg to Bern and back to Amsterdam. He's returned 6 times since. I've returned 11.

The OP is from India. Indians shake their heads at what Americans think we can cram in to our 2-week holidays there; a similar trip to the OP's but in India would take at least 30 days.
But we enjoy the experience, incomplete as it is, all the same.

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