Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, or what?

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Josh Adelson Regular Member • Posts: 137
Re: Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, or what?

I have been a long time PSE user and recently switched to LR4. Both programs have very capable organizers, more than enough for an amateur photographer. With PSE, the editor is really a separate program from the organizer, but you can launch one from the other and the organizer keeps track of what you do in the editor. The PSE editor is a light version of Photoshop, which allows you to do all kinds of special effects and manipulations. LR on the other hand really focuses on photo adjustments.

I moved to LR mainly because I started shooting in RAW. It's impressive. It has powerful tools that help you get the most out of your images. If you plan to shoot raw I definitely recommend LR. If on the other hand you want to do special effects, layers and so on, and you plan mainly to stick with JPEG then PSE might be a better bet. They are not mutually exclusive either. You can use both. In that case I recommend using LR as the organizer and for most edits, and go to PSE when you want to do something that LR cannot.

Both programs have a bit of a learning curve, LR perhaps a little more so. Plan to invest some time in learning at least the basics of whichever program you choose.

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