Trying to Decide on Which Camera to Buy, Need Advice

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caterpillar wrote:

Then it doesn't matter what Scott says. Or even what I say for that matter. And it has little bearing on what he has accomplished. Or what I have or haven't. It's really about you.

Your limiting factor is cost/budget and your own imagination and skill. If you know your limitations and your budget then you're as good as the best you can combine and use these limitations. The reality is you are bound by these. And as I said, even if you do have the funds to get what he recommends, you are still the limiting factor. In the end, if you are really good, then you can create work that will astound others, and break the limitations of current equipment.

The good news is, what we have now is pretty good. And that is without busting your wallet. If you are just learning, start from that and as you grow, for sure, upgrade and get the proper gear later. Without a doubt, 5-7 years from now, we've probably have a standard or commonly agreed upon video raw file, or maybe a new codec that compresses very well but without great loss will come around. Plus we'll start getting 120p or 240p with selectable bitrates of 28mpbs and higher, as commonplace as 60p nowadays. Maybe we'll also start seeing 4k cameras in the sub U$2,000.

I've always felt that I am the only limiting factor to my talent and aspirations. I asked for the opinions of those with more knowledge in this field than I have because I value what lies in the experiences of those who are ahead of me. This particular field of still photography is new to me and requires an entirely different skill set from I what I have acquired as an actor and through my use of motion cameras. I do see the 4k cameras coming down to the availability of the mass market. As technology progresses and gains traction (ie. sales, word of mouth, etc.) it also becomes cheaper to manufacture as most people will grab onto it quickly and then move on to whatever is hyped as the latest and greatest next big thing. I very much want to see some of these cameras that have such great still image quality output into raw form for motion picture use. The potential is just awesome. Although they haven't yet come up with a compression (even H.264) which to my eye can compare with that of a 35mm stills camera, I do feel that it is on the horizon. This is all part of my research. And it is an extensive and exhaustive process. I keep each one of these posts churning in my head and adding to what I will use to make my ultimate decision. Thank you for your participation. I look forward to seeing you around the forums. Have an awesome weekend. Aloha.
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