Anyone tethering a Canon 5Dmk2 to an iPad??

Started Jun 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Anyone tethering a Canon 5Dmk2 to an iPad??


sorry thats not true. You can set the eyefi card to only send jpgs to the camera and not the RAW files. You need to use the EyeFi centre software that you use to set up the card.There are a few options to choose from but quite easy.

It take around 6-10 seconds to upload a small jpg using the direct mode. If you use a router to create an access point you can speed things up to 5-7 seconds. Some issues with it all crashing on odd occasion. A switch off camera, restart and it resolves usually. The neat trick being it then uploads all previous images that had not been sent, unlike the more expensive WFT units!

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