Considering a used D7000

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Re: Considering a used D7000

TFergus wrote:

trespassing wrote:

TFergus wrote:

trespassing wrote:

TFergus wrote:

trespassing wrote:

Considering it's Amazon selling themselves, I'd be horrified if it didn't include a battery etc

I don't think they said it was Amazon selling it themselves.
Could be anyone.

I was the one who mentioned Amazon in the first place, and yes, it states 'Sold by'

Can't go wrong with that in my opinion

Sure... if you can point out where it says it doesn't come with a battery.

Ah, might have noticed our communication upset:

trespassing wrote:

I've didn't purchase mine from Amazon, I got mine at Jessops, but use them more than often for just about everything else. Considering it's Amazon selling themselves, I'd be horrified if it didn't include a battery etc; I believe they are genuine UK stock with full Nikon warranty and 100% complete just like buying it on the high street. None of the reviewers mention being surprised at anything not being included. As I say, given they're brand new on there I'd go for it as opposed to one on eBay for a minimal saving. They have good lenient return policy and it arrives missing any of the expected accessories I'd eat my hat!

Spotted I've missed out the word "if" in my last sentence. Proof reading is not one of my strengths, but I believe the rest of my comment points towards the fact that I do trust Amazon

No problem here.
I was actually responding in my first post to this... which came after yours...

aesmith wrote:

Funnily enough I was just looking at Amazon. Are they an official UK Nikon dealer? I know they sell a lot of stuff where they aren't (watches for example). Also, it looks as if they don't include the battery , since they recommend that as an add-on, which brings the price almost to high street figures.

So then when you posted, I thought you were also agreeing with the "no battery" thing. And I thought your "Can't go wrong with that" was said in a more sarcastic tone... than it probably was afterall.

I would just be very surprised if wasn't including the battery... since it is part of the retail package. I'm sure aesmith is just confused.

Have a great weekend !

Ah indeed, sarcasm is far too difficult to spot online! Glad our misunderstanding is cleared up. You too on the weekend front; I trust you're getting nicer weather across the pond than we are for a (sarcasm intended this time) "Summer's Day"

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