D800 or any DSLR Video is HORRID!!

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Re: Is this a troll post?

Yeah. I thought he was trolling…

btw, I've made quite a bit of money with 'useless' dslr footage… 5 years ago you would have to spend 50K to get anywhere near what a dslr offers.

primeshooter wrote:

David H Dennis wrote:

I will never understand why people in this forum want to be so insulting to people who may just be in search of information. It certainly makes us out to be a hostile group, which seems sad.

Why not be helpful?


Well, it does smell of troll to me, sorry if it's not. The OP is the one insulting the video being crap, horrible and useless? But really the fact is the OP doesn't understand what he's doing with it, there is a ton of beautiful stunning stuff shot on DSLR's out there if you care to look for it.

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