Need NEX adapter Help

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Re: Need NEX adapter Help

That's good information about the Pen lens adapters. As you can see i kept buying and kept getting the same type the "tiny cut" one, this must say something about me doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. ... And finally there really is a possibility of a different outcome.

With the insights/information (from John) i will fit an adapter to each lens -- if it doesn't work out .. you have provided an alternative thanks.

The Pen FT is one of the cameras i used to take backpacking, and i have a number of

accessories etc I found a 3x Vivitar tele coverter, i mounted it to the zoom and tried it on the N-7 -- very loose, wobbly. At some point after i have the zoom/adapter working i will try some 3x combination (i sure had high expectations ) and see what and if its of any use.

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