Impact of UV filter on sharpness of shot

Started Jun 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
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mirror lockup and triggering

I did also forget to employ mirror lockup.

I don't think triggering was an issue so much as I used a pocketwizard that was cabled to the shutter for most of the shots. (Every now and then I would space out and hit the button manually)

Not sure exactly what you mean by "veiling flare".

I did make use of a couple of speedlights in most of the shots for fill lighting and there were quite a few tungsten lights in the space. (I am still learning about lighting too. I haven't looked too closely yet to see how the color of light was distributed but I did not use any gels).

I would say the images are not so much "out of focus" as they are not so crystal clear. This could be a contrast issue or maybe as Joseph said I should have stepped up the aperture to F11.

The filters were probably also pretty dusty from my shop.

You guys have definitely given me some things to pay attention to.

I think I am going to make a checklist of things to watch for and laminate it for my next shoot. Is real easy to forget these things when a customer wants to talk while you are shooting.

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