D4/D800 to iPad

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Re: D4/D800 to iPad

Hi Charlie

Not sure of your needs but for me and my 2wk old D4 the WT-5 is a bit pricey for my needs. I use a Zalip battery powered wireless router tethered to my D4 via a 3 foot ethernet cable which I stick in my shirt pocket.

This allows me to review my images on my iPad (original) through Mobile Safari. I've had it send pics to my MacBook Pro, my iPad and iPhones (3) at same time and can review images very quickly. The remote fire and adjustment seem to work well but not really used that feature much. May not be great in a river situation.

It's a bit clumsy with the Zalip in my pocket but very inexpensive (75$ on amazon with a rechargeable battery included). I originally used it with an eye-fi card and ShutteSnitch in my D90 with excellant results. I really like the ShutterSnitch interface but have not figured a way to use it with the D4.

Finally and sadly I can"t seem to view movies on the iPad. I think it may require Adobe Flash which will not run on an iPad but not really looked into it yet.


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