OMD + Canon Adapter + Sigma 50-500 OS

Started Jun 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
hlwick59 Regular Member • Posts: 278
Re: OMD + Canon Adapter + Sigma 50-500 OS

Is your adapter for Canon FD? Also, what is the brand name and how much?

How accurate is the focus-confirmation light on the OMD when using a manual focus lens, especially with a long telephoto lens?


whoodle wrote:

My adaptor should be here any day...which one did you get? I got the ebay one from one of the Slavic vendors (made there instead of China?)...but it's the one w/the 'dandelion chip', which should allow for use of the focus-confrimation light on the OMD.

I have a Tokina ATX 80-200 f2.8 I'm dying to try it on...whooda thunk I'd ever be swinging a 400 mm (equiv) f2.8 lens? Canon charges...what....$6K or so for that?

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