Canon did it with the 7D, are you listening Nikon?

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Re: Canon did it with the 7D, are you listening Nikon?

Completely with you on this thing. I mentioned this a couple of years back when i bought my D700. It's essentially just software and they could have just added the functionality a long time ago.

It's something Canon had on the get go with their other cameras. Instead they are holding it back for just the D800.

Either way other things they could have added is fine-tuning adjustment based on focal length. Since some of us just need to adjustment for infinity focus then maybe just dial back on other focal lengths. Or whatever..

Either way. Nikon for customer service sucks, nothing gets through.

Try calling some of their centres for spare parts. Heh.

As for the software side of thing. I spoke to one of the companies that does some development for them. They said that we cant be blamed for Nikon's progression as they ignore any improvements we want to make especially on the UI/UX side of things.

And their NEF format? Compatibility with Adobe programs would be nice, come on already. We buy their cameras why buy their software as well. They wont share or rather allow Adobe full access to their proprietary format.

Anyway..lets hope someone is reading these things and goes back and says, hey, people lets give something back.

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