D800 video function thread

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Re: D800 video function thread

Michael Firstlight wrote:

I took some 1080p video footage last night in dimly lit room - the video is actually very good even in low light. The two bad things were 1) lot of focus hunting and 2) audio is so good it picks up unacceptable lens focus noise. I wort of expect that with an onboard mic, but how much better is the audio with the Nikon add on Mic? Does it eliminate all that focus motor noise and breathing at the camera?


Hi Mike. You'll still hear it. As I said, forget auto focus video - there is no way to AF video of a sensor that is 35mm accurately without manual control. You need to use manual focus (sounds horrible I know but it's not as hard as you think with practice). In cinema everything is manual focus due to sensor size and alot of other factors. The additional mic is still worth it, especially when you are going to be doing what we call "pulling focus," so this sound of you slowing moving the ring won't be heard either. I'd also recommend turning down the audio level a bit also.

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