Here's why PL 25mm 1.4 costs more than EF 50mm 1.4

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Re: a d700.... you are kidding, right?

iano wrote: got it wrong. No sarcasm and comments not directed at you either


This thread is about a m43 lens enabling an m43 system to tackle some tasks that would have otherwise required a 35mm system.

No, this thread is about justification of price for PL 25/1.4 that is based on flawed interpretation of test results. Re-read the title of the thread again, it is right there in the title and very first post, black on white, plain and simple.

You have pointed out that there are times when the PL25mm 1.4 just isn't a substitute for a system with a larger sensor. I am agreeing- although I also suggest there are also times when it IS a viable substitute.

That was not what I was pointing out. My point was that premise of this thread was flawed.

That is all. I take your point that medium format is expensive. But you have said you plan to go medium format too and I hope you get there soon.

I see you keep having problems comprehending what I say. I did not say I plan to go medium format. I said IF there is ever a need for something better than I have that I can justify then I will go for something better.

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