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Re: The dreaded Canon NC-E2 charger...

Ah, the two-headed hydra charger - the mythical beast. Did a quick check and in the US there's a "used" one for $220.

If you are going to get one, be sure to pick yourself up another battery. When I bought my used 1D Mk II, it came with a battery and thankfully the Adorama salesperson persuaded me to buy another one. The battery life is really good but when not in use, they don't retain their charge (mind you both of mine are used - maybe 6+ years old now). Both are Canon made as I've had hit and miss success with 3rd party brands and the one 3rd party that I do like, SterlingTek, doesn't make the one that fits the 1D Mk II/IIN.

Good luck, its a great camera.

splosher wrote:


Just picked up a used Canon 1d MK2 N for a very cheap price, but it has no charger, the fabled, mythical beast known as the Canon NC-E2, which as everyone is aware of is probably the only thing in consumer history to never depreciate in price whatsoever!

All the sites I've checked for 3rd party chargers are out of stock (and seem to have been for a long time) and the only two with a Buy-It-Now price on eBay are around £250 and that means they aren't going to bought.

I'm wondering if anyone on the forum has ever found a way to adapt another Canon charger to plug into the Canon NP-E3 battery or if there's a way of using a later Canon 1D model charger to charge the NP-E3 via the battery contacts, rather than using the plug?

I know, the sound of desperation is terrible but I need to use this beast of a camera, safe in the knowledge I can recharge it for less than a couple of extra hundred pounds!

(by the way, I'm UK based, so any suggestions within this country to where I may find a 3rd party chrager would be great.)

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