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Re: Banding

liquid stereo wrote:

I'll have to look through my images and see if there's banding. How does one find this banding?
Would it show up here, @ ISO 100?

here @ISO 320?

Or here @ISO 200?

Maybe you don't tend to lift shadows much or use ALO a lot to make use of the sensor's dynamic range. Here's an example at ISO 100 .
Only lifted a mere 1 stop and see the results:


The shadows are a mess (lots of pattern noise including heavy banding) already, but what's worse even the sky shows vertical banding:

And before anyone jumps in saying it's just that particular camera, I've seen it from all Canon cameras in varying amounts, since the original 5D. The 5Dmk3 shows the least amount of pattern noise, but still a magnitude more than anything carrying a Sony APS-C or FF sensor.

High ISO noise up to ISO 3200 is pretty similar to the SLT's aswell. Above that the Canon sensor takes a lead.

The camera has a boat load of qualities and has good IQ in certain areas, but let's not exaggerate when it comes to general IQ.

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